American woman shares the biggest cultural changes she’s noticed since moving to France: ‘[They’re] just far superior’

An American is going viral after sharing some strange cultural differences between the US and France.

The TikToker, named Mackenzi (@mack.on.the.move) moved to France over two years ago. During that time, she’s had plenty of realizations — both big and small — about the two countries.

Mackenzi’s page documents her life abroad, and has sparked plenty of questions from commenters. Earlier this summer, one user asked her to compare France to America. So, she responded with a full list.

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The post is part of a much larger trend on TikTok, in which users shared their biggest “culture shocks” after moving abroad.

In one clip, an American noted the biggest adjustments she had to make after moving to London. In another, a New Zealander revealed the weirdest things she noticed after moving to America for work.

Mackenzi’s video moved freely between sweeping, serious differences and more lighthearted ones.

First, she explained why she thinks certain things in France are much better.

“The healthcare, education and work life are just far superior,” she said. “I think that the overall quality of life is better here. It’s much easier to live within your means.”

Mackenzi added that she believes there’s more control over things like housing and debt, which makes it harder to overspend.

From there, she went into a series of smaller differences. For one, she’s noticed that French homes don’t usually have screens over their windows.

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“Not a thing here,” she said. “They just let bugs fly in willy-nilly.”

She also noted several food-based differences, including a lack of good hot sauce and the fact that French grocery stores don’t refrigerate their eggs.

“I could probably make a whole series on the food differences,” she added.

Overall, Mackenzi praised the food, saying she thinks the “simple things” are better in France.

“A three-Euro sandwich from the bakery is so much better than what I could find at a restaurant in the US,” she said.

It’s not the first time this year that French food has made for viral TikTok content. In the spring, footage of a French grocery store celebrating its “American food” week earned hundreds of thousands of views.

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