AAWireless is now available through Amazon for your wireless Android Auto convenience

You don’t have to buy directly through the company’s website anymore

For years, the dream of wireless Android Auto has been locked behind the hurdle of buying a new car that supports it — or, at the very least, upgrading your head unit with a new, much more expensive model. With dongles from Motorola and AAWireless, those requirements are a thing of the past. While the Motorola MA1 continues to face stock shortages as countless drivers seek to upgrade their head unit, AAWireless has been offering direct sales of its gadget for about a month now. Today, picking one up is even easier, as the device is now available through Amazon.


Motorola’s MA1 dongle, AAWireless started with an Indiegogo campaign, meaning the only way to Unlike buy one was through the crowdfunding site. In June, the company kicked off direct sales on its own website, making it easy for anyone with $90 burning a hole in their pocket to transform their driving experience. Now that AAWireless is listed on Amazon, it’s even easier for Auto fanatics to add wireless capabilities to their car — no separate account required.

Buy AAWireless

$90 at Amazon

AAWireless is available on Amazon right now for $90, shipped directly from Amazon and sold by the company itself. According to 9to5Google, it’s only live in the US right now, with a European launch on deck for the near future. Amazon availability in Canada and Australia is also planned, pending final approval of the device.

While we’re still in the midst of summer, don’t get too excited about the promise of a wireless-equipped road trip. Amazon currently lists an August 20th delivery date for my address, suggesting orders are piling up as we speak. Thankfully, shipping appears to be free for both Prime and non-Prime members.

Right now, AAWireless is still in stock through Amazon, though considering the popularity of the MA1, don’t be surprised if it sells out. If stock does run dry, you can always buy through direct channels — the product is still up for grabs on its official site. If you need the device soon, it might be best to buy it directly, as AAWireless’s website shows free shipping in 1-5 days through USPS to my address.

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