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A Daily Adventure Incense item is coming to Pokemon Go

For Pokémon Go players who enjoy exploring their local neighborhoods to catch Pokémon, the Daily Adventure Incense will assist in luring more Pokémon to your location. It’s a separate item from the standard incense stacks players already have in their inventory and comes with a way to earn more Pokémon and uncommon Pokémon encounters.

The Daily Adventure Incense will only be available after players finish a Special Research task associated with it. Upon completing the Special Research, it will appear in the player’s inventory. They will be able to activate it once that day, and then it will go away. It will reappear every day and does not count towards the player’s total Item Bag limit. A player cannot use this item and standard incense simultaneously.

Image via Niantic

The item will work for 15 minutes. While active, the Daily Adventure Incense works similarly to the traditional incense in that it draws Pokémon to that player’s location as long as the player moves. Some of the Pokémon that appear because of this item will not be common to that area, potentially allowing players to catch some they may not have encountered before.

If a player activates the Daily Adventure Incense and they have fewer than 30 Poké Balls, Great Balls, and Ultra Balls in their inventory, they will receive 30 Poké Balls when they activate the item. For any player who might not have a nearby Poké Stop to receive these necessary items for catching Pokémon, the Daily Adventure Incense could be a good way to check off the daily Pokémon capture.

Image via Niantic

Once the Daily Adventure Incense timer is up, a full report of all the Pokémon captured by the end of the adventure will appear. Although Niantic has not expanded regarding what type of Pokémon players should expect to catch, we’re hoping the ones that spawn are worthwhile additions to a player’s Pokédex.

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