10-year-old DSLR gets firmware update! Nikon D7100 owners rejoice

Nikon has just announced firmware for a 10-year-old camera, giving the Nikon D7100 an update out of nowhere. While brands like Canon have almost entirely stopped developing their DSLR range, it’s reassuring that Nikon is still doing firmware updates (even if it isn’t bringing out any new DSLRs).

The Nikon D7100 was released in February 2013 and marketed as a high-performance, compact DSLR capable of high-resolution photos and FullHD video. It was an upgrade to the much-loved Nikon D7000 and included a brand new 24.1-megapixel sensor, 12 more focus points, better dynamic range, a larger screen and improved video capabilities. It was one of the best cropped sensor cameras available to buy at the time, and it was arguably better at focusing in low light than the D600.

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