10 Wrestlers Triple H Will Sign For WWE

While the overall presentation and handling of a certain American Nightmare had most definitely helped improve WWE’s chances of luring some of the most talented free agents and talents reaching the end of their current deals on the market to the Sports Entertainment juggernaut in recent times, the resignation /retirement of the real Head of the Table appears to have changed The Game entirely over the last week or so.

With Triple H now heading up the creative side of life within the biggest wrestling promotion on the planet, a newfound sense of optimism and hope has largely spread throughout the fandom and industry in general. So much so that it’s already been reported that around two-dozen former WWE performers have had nothing but positive tings to say about the decision to hand the creative keys over to “Papa H”.

And with this many ex-WWE/NXT talents no doubt weighing up the idea of ​​giving their former workplace a second chance now that The King of Kings is perched on the throne, it now feels like only a matter of time before The Cerebral Assassin start to evolve his newly inherited roster… but exactly who will Trips’ opt to bring aboard his newly buoyant ship?

Upon making a significant splash on black and gold TV after picking up his first piece of WWE gold in the form of the North American Championship, Bronson Reed (aka Jonah) appeared poised to carry that momentum straight onto either Monday or Friday nights.

Fitting the monstrous wrecking ball bill and then some, whilst also being a marketable international face folks down under would happily get behind, news of the athletic powerhouse strutting his stuff in numerous tryout matches during SmackDown tapings made his call-up to and excelling on the main roster feels almost inevitable.

But in a typically inexplicable Vinnie Mac development, Reed soon wound up on the outside looking in as he joined the numerous talented souls being abruptly released from the company in August 2021.

However, while he clearly wasn’t McMahon’s cup of tea, Jonah’s reveal post-release of The Game claiming ‘Bronson, you are money,’ after his aforementioned secondary NXT title win suggests that Trips was one of the star’s most vocal supporters in the lead-up to his exit.

And if the new head of WWE creative has it his way, the one-time Impact and now NJPW man’s return may just be a case of when not if.

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