10 Terrible Video Games With Awesome Openings

Every gamer out there loves the feeling of pushing start on a new video game. A world of possibilities awaits us! This title could be so good it changes our lives or, conversely, might well be something we turn off after a couple of hours and never come back to.

You never really know until you find out for yourself.

Whether you go in with expectations or not, a game is sure to set them with it’s opening cutscene. Great cinematics before or after the title-screen should lay before us an idea of ​​what’s to come.

The issue with promising beginnings is it makes for one hell of a plummet if things go wrong. If your average at best video game has an introduction that gets audiences hyped then there’s going to be a lot of disappointment when they get into the real meat of the product. Nobody likes to feel short changed, which is why it’s so frustrating when a game has an incredible start that it can’t back up.

This list consists of games that had no right to go as hard as they did in their opening cutscene, knowing full well that the game they were delivering was not up to task.

It was hard not to be interested in The Order 1886 in the lead up to release. Ready at Dawn, who were developing the game, had a solid track record of underrated spin-offs and ports.

Sony had trusted them to make a new exclusive franchise and it would be one of the earliest major new IPs on the PlayStation 4. Plus, it just looked really exciting.

The game opens with an extended and harrowing torture sequence all played out in first person as we watch ourselves get repeatedly dunked into dirty water by two angry British guards. It’s a dark way to kick things off and the visuals are stunning. Once players get moving, the graphics hold up and the setting of alternate timeline Werewolf-infested London is incredibly interesting.

It looks great and it’s got a unique set-up: what’s not to love?

The Order 1886 met pretty middling review scores, only saved by the former positives. The gameplay was often described as boring, consisting of generic cover-based shooting and endless quick time events that never really got started before the game’s story abruptly ends at the 7 hour mark.

The game still has its fans, but it left a bitter taste in the mouth of many who were extremely excited for it. All that intrigue and such a strong beginning that was not the next generation jump that people were waiting for.

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